Data Conversion

Constant progress and advances in technology means that companies are increasingly undertaking data conversion of their data and records from traditional paper based copies to electronic format. Electronic data conversion increases the data storage lifetime and offers much improved data retrieval and management.


If your are looking to convert your data to a more efficient electronic format then we can help. Some of examples of our data conversion services include:


>> Data conversion from PDF format to other formats such as text, HTML, Word etc.
>> Convesrion of data from one database format (for example MS Access) to formats such as Excel, MySql etc
>> Data extraction from books, online and offline publications, catalogues etc.
>> Conversion from HTMl to other formats
…and more


Whether you are looking to convert technical specifications, or company brochures and marketing material to an online format, we will be happy to undertake the tasks. We will combine the latest conversion technology with our hardworking manual labour to give your business the efficiency that it needs.


Call us for a quote on your data conversion project and we will be happy to help.