Drawing Conversion and Digitisation

Storage and archiving of drawings can be difficult for long periods of time and potentially prone to long term damage and unwanted creases. Our scanning service in the UK helps you digitise your drawings for safe and damage free long term storage.

drawing scanning

Digitising your drawings by drawing scanning will help the storage and retrieval of drawings that much easier. With the capacity of electronic data storage media constantly increasing, we can digitise to help you store thousands of drawings. This of course will mean much easier retrieval and management of your drawings. It will also make the electronic distribution of the drawings just as easy to help your business run effectively.


Our scanning services can provide images of your drawings without any creases that may show on the drawings hard copy. We can use professional scanning techniques to give the whole image a white background to eliminate creases.


We will scan drawings of most sizes ranging of widths from 36 inches and as long a length as required. Our equipment helps us ensure that we can provide an effective scanning solution for you.

Based in Manchester, we cater for both black and white and coloured documents.


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