Document Conversion

If you are looking to convert the heavy load of your company documentation into an electronic format then our document scanning service will get you started. Converting documents to electronic format by the use of document scanning techniques is increasingly becoming popular with UK companies who are looking to transfer their data storage from paper based to electronic systems. We are based in Manchester but help companies across the UK with their requirements.

document scanning service

Conversion of hard copy paper by scanning offers many of the following benefits:


Low storage requirements


If you run a business that normally holds many manuals, drawings, specifications and other general hardcopy documents then you will know how quickly the storage of hardcopy documents can become a strain on the storage space available for such material. Our document scanning service will allow you to store all the important data in an electronic format without the worries of finding storage space.


Easy Data Retrieval


Once your documents have been scanned and stored electronically, the headache of finding specific documents amongst piles of other paperwork becomes a thing of the past. The scanned documents can be indexed and organised to allow efficient storage and retrieval. This simply adds efficiency to a business.


Easy Distribution


In this electronic age people are increasingly expecting to receive information instantly either over the Internet, in CD’s or email. Converting documents to an electronic format allows a business to quickly and easily distribute any documents easily. It also saves postage costs that can ad up if a business is distributing large amounts of documents


There are many more benefits to scanning and converting documents electronically. Contact us for a quote on your specific requirements to add efficiency to your business.